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In this article I am going to show you how we increase sales by 25% just by changing one word, it is much more complex than it sounds, but I will try to communicate it in a simple way so that you can also do it in your E-Commerce.

I do not plan to explain the basics of SEO to you, as my goal is for you to save time and acquire the most specific information to increase sales with Product Titles.

I am not promising a magic method, this requires work and it may work faster or maybe much slower for you than it worked for me, after all every case is different.

How to find opportunities on pages with SEO for E-commerce


Something that allows me to identify pages without searches for E-Commerce is my Google Data Studio report, where I can see which pages have views, and which ones have sales, which is set up so that you can see the sales reports for each channel yourself. in dates, pages and products.

It all starts with one of the products that we are marketing on those dates, it was a Stay in Petén, it was a very good service, since it had a good average ticket, a popular place in an attractive tourist place, however, we were a few days away from stop offering this service, which meant that we were going to lose the opportunity to sell a very good service.

In the following image I show a report where we show the number of views that this service had, we realized that it had very few views, so we decided to make several changes.

Consultoria SEO para Ecommerce

Keywords search for E-commerce products


Among many hypotheses that we tested was the name of the service, although we were selling a Hotel Stay, the word Hotel was not written in the title, it was there that I decided to start a keyword search comparing the words “Stay” and “Hotel” + the name of the place (Local SEO).

We used the keywordtool.io tool and found this:

SEO Ecommerce Keyword

For the word “stay” it was not something that people searched for on Google, which made it logical that it had no views.

Consultoria para SEO Guatemala

When we compare with the word “Hotel in Petén” we find more than 1900 people searching for this service, so we decided to modify the titles, now if we were making decisions based on data.

Reportes para Ecommerce

Once we changed the name we began to see an increase in views, especially in Google CPC and Google Organic, the product was about to leave the market so it was the best technique to increase sales, but let’s see what happened to sales.

Experto SEO Ecommerce Shopify

With these small changes we were able to sell 7 hotel stays which increased sales just by changing the titles.

The choice of titles is something so important that it can save you a lot of money, you may be spending money trying to create copy, art or even videos, but if you make decisions without data you may be doing hard work without seeing the results you want.

After that change we implemented a process for people creating product titles, each title had to include a database justification.