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One of the metrics to which we attach most importance is usually the ROAS, this metric depends on many factors. I am one of the people who pays a lot of attention to the little things that can make big changes, in this article I will show you how I had such a good ROAS in 2020.

Below I will explain how I achieved such a good ROAS and what metrics are important for Facebook Ads campaigns for E-commerce to work correctly.


#1 Digital Marketing Data

Before starting a campaign, it is important to know the metrics that we must measure, have the entire Facebook Ads configuration checklist, such as the grouping of events, conversion API and basically be updated and aware of what will happen in the industry.

The first thing I did was prepare the Google Data Studio reports, which allow me to improve metric by metric, it is a comparison overview that you must do week by week, it is not simply configuring the campaigns and waiting to see what happens.



In a good data report, it should show you the conversion value, ROAS, Purchases, carts added, etc. This way you can see which metric to improve and what action to take.


#2 Branding and Differentiation


I have always been in constant improvement and I know the market in which I compete well, that is why I have tried to look for new things that my competitors are not doing, I know that the competition usually copies or imitates what is new that we do, but not It is something that worries me, I am more concerned about the fact that I am not looking for new things.

That is why when most people use stock images, banners, flyers, I started to use my own images, it is very important that the whole brand make sense, that it be different that is why we take our own photographs, videos It was something that made a difference.

Social Media Strategy

These types of images were the ones that we guide, even if they are products that are too generic, you can always give them a touch that makes the difference with respect to the rest.

#3 Improve the CTR of your Campaigns – The quietest metric

CTR is a quality metric, many advertisers forget this and are constantly trying to improve sales by adding more budget, but you can quickly identify if a campaign is going bad just by looking at CTR, to improve CTR you need very good ads.

Remember that most of us have 5 senses and we buy by what we see, hear, touch and feel.

How improve CTR


That is why I have always tried to ask for more creative images that attract attention and ensure that the CTR does not drop below 5%.


# 4 Average Purchase Ticket

One of the great advantages that I had was that the product that I was marketing was an average of $400 so if I used my budget well I could obtain high ROAS, many people do not usually have high ticket products, a business recommendation that I could make is that if you have products with small margins and small Tickets it is very difficult to compete.

In my case I have a margin of 20%, it is not very good but they are high tickets, so I can recover the investment quickly.


#5 Cost per Purchase

Never invest more than your minimum ROAS needs, if you earn $10 for each product, verify that your cost per purchase does not exceed $5, why else, where is the business?

There are many ways to lower the cost per purchase, I will make an article dedicated to that, but one of the best ways to reduce the cost per purchase is by adding more budget to traffic campaigns.

#6 Custom Audience Post Similar Facebook + Instagram engagement at the same time


Every time we launch new ads we activate organic audiences, publishing in stories and doing Give Away, we did it since we have a personalized audience that includes all the people who write to us on instagram and interact with the page, if you believe me check the following image, the power that instagram has to make organic sales is impressive.

Ventas en Instagram

Make sure you have a coordinated team, the person who manages the campaigns on Facebook must be aligned with the one who publishes content on social networks, this can make you a good Community Manager and a good Digital Marketing Strategist.


#7 Remarketing Audiences


People usually buy until the fourth or fifth interaction, you should take advantage of every opportunity you have to have contact with each customer, to take advantage of this opportunity we create remarketing audiences with people who viewed products or added to the cart.

This was the number of visitors:

Retención Marketing Digital

#8 Take advantage of traffic from other channels

We create audiences with personalized audiences of people who visited us from Organic traffic and we perform remarketing on Facebook.
It may be that in an article we cannot see everything that we did well in this project, there were also many factors that benefited us such as the pandemic, average ticket and that we were prepared for everything that was coming, I do not expect you to obtain those ROAS with products that they are not similar, as I always say at the end of an article, each product is different and there are always weaknesses and strengths.